I N G O M A   P L A N E T   

Masters drummers from Burundi and African folklore

Mission statement

Ingoma Planet mission is to teach, perform and present the African cultural art at high artistic level. Through an excellent performance the organization educates and entertains audiences with Burundian drumming and African music.

  By exploring a wide variety of everlasting cultural values through Burundian drumming and African folklore the organization also encourages among its members self-confidence, self-discipline, self-respect, self-development, responsibility and unity among diversity.

  Our dedication is to preserve African culture and bring the best of African music and dance to American people.



  Weekly educational sessions, “rehearsals”, provide instruction by qualified music instructor.  These rehearsals are designed to teach attention to detail through repetition of skill and technique, time management and provide the learning of many varied african cultural music, performance and percussion. Performances entertain and educate audiences relating to dances from the African Great Lakes Region.

          Drumming lessons : drumming classes will be organized an provided to amateurs and professional who are interested in Burundian drumming style. During thoses classes give an overview of different cultural music and dances from the African Great lake region.

          Performing program for public festivals, schools and others educational institutions, communities and organizations events will be offered in different  cities.

          Annually we will organize “Amahoro” concert ( which means concert for peace) where we call all people for  peace.

The intent of these performances is to create venues to provide a forum for our students to enhance and fine tune their playing skills and technique, and to develop an appreciation for the arts. Ingoma planet uses these event performances to reach the community, expanding the opportunity to raise community awareness of the African musical arts.

Ingoma Planet started its educational activities with three presentations:

-        Burundian drumming

-        Intore dance (warriors dance)

-        African woman Dance.