I N G O M A   P L A N E T   

Masters drummers from Burundi and African folklore


Sun. 3/25 6:00 PM DrummingTraining

Drumming training

Sun. 4/1 6:00 PM Drumming Training

Drumming Training

Sun. 4/22 6:00 AM Drumming training

Drumming training

Sun. 5/20 6:00 PM Performance at Stars among US (Alliance)

Performance at Stars among US (Alliance)

Sat. 6/16 1:00 PM IP Performance at World refugee day

Ingomaplanet performance at world refugee day

Sun. 7/1 2:00 PM Amahoro concert with OCOBU in Denver

Ingoma Planet performing' Amahoro 'concert  in Denver with OCOBU ( Burundian independance day )

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