I N G O M A   P L A N E T   

Masters drummers from Burundi and African folklore

About us

Ingomaplanet is an non-profit organization (501c3) which present the african cultural  music and dances.  Founded by Allemaque Bucumi and his friends and based in Houston, the organization focuses  on african music and dances from the african great lakes region- the center of Africa. The Master Drummers from Burundi (Abatimbo ), the Warriors Dance from Rwanda and Burundi ( Intore ) and the burundian Women dance were once perfomed exclusively for the Royal Court, but today this exciting musical act and dance can be arranged through our african cultural group -INGOMAPLANET in Houston, Texas. 
Sponsorships to help the project to stay alive are welcome.

Our mission

Our mission is to save and keep the authenticity of African culture, to create a cultural liaison with others and to bring the best of the african cultural connection to american people.!


Elisee maniriho, Desire Bakundukize , Rubosota Anatole, Debaba Ramazani,  Amani , Vema Adolphe and Bucumi Allemaque.

contact us

Contact us by calling the Director  Allemaque Bucumi at 281-463-6417 or 713-550-3564